With a Little Help from My Friends: The Nourishing Network of Adult Friendships

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These Books Show How Female Friendship Is the Best and Worst | Time

Right in sight. Samantha, a student in an M.

And she detests her workshop cohort, a group of ultra-feminine women whom she and her only friend, a no-nonsense, fishnet-wearing local named Ava, have nicknamed the Bunnies, because they cloyingly refer to one another as Bunny. Samantha trades her one true friend for a set of false ones, a clique whose embrace, literally and figuratively, is restrictive. But Bunny is also an exploration of untapped power. Sunny is a successful Canadian artist and magazine columnist living in New York City with her rich husband. Her friend Geraldine is stuck in Toronto but longs to move to New York, where she hopes to jump-start her own magazine career.

Your social circles will expand

Then these allegiances shift, and Mechling captures the prickly feelings of possessiveness and isolation that creep in when two people in a triangle — even a platonic one — draw close, shutting out the third. But before long, her infatuation segues into repulsion. The character who starts out as the insecure underdog ends up as — well, something else.

The Paper Wasp is more hypnotic and sensual than either of the other books in this recent crop, which also makes it more potent. Abby, unlikable but not wholly unsympathetic, sees through people to the point of looking right past them. In fact, none of these books offer any consoling way forward in dealing with the thorniest parts of our own friendships.

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Maybe, instead, their collective spikiness is a kind of safety feature, thrashing a clear space where we can examine our own anxieties about how women are supposed to relate to one another. Is that such a sin? We expect the most from our female friendships, maybe because we expect so much from ourselves. In the workplace and outside it, women work hard at being superhuman. For the longest time, a close relative of mine constantly had something negative to relate on virtually every topic under the sun.

Across the Life-Span and Cultures

While that relative has since changed their perspective to a more positive one, I still find myself often having a negative outlook on things because of that association. Virtues are, quite simply, good habits — like being tidy, timely, positive about our work, or open to the suggestions of others.

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  • Virtuous friends shape our interior lives. They build us up and contribute to our mannerisms and our outlook on life.


    Holistic Health and the Story of Friendship

    Without them, it becomes much more difficult to see what is good and pursue it. For example, I have a pal from college whom I met in my dorm.

    He tries to connect with everyone on a personal level and is always on the lookout to provide moral support to those who might be wandering. Whenever we got together, he would invite passers-by to join our conversation or simply to enjoy the food he cooked. Ultimately, the strength to pursue virtue over the long-haul comes from God. This is how faith sustains us — it connects us to the source of goodness.

    Being open, sincere, and hospitable makes us better people and better friends to others. Friendships that nourish faith are like other relationship — they require attention and intentionality.

    We have to devote time, energy, and resources to show our friends we care about them. The beauty of growing in a relationship with a faith-filled person is that they make it delightful and simple.