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Peter Eisenman s Biozentrum tested the computer s ability to generate its own formal language using digital scripting. The scaffold-like lines of Shoei Yoh s unbuilt Odawara Municipal Sports Complex 91 and constructed gymnasium Galaxy Toyama 92 were verified for integrity by computer analysis, using intensive coding and virtual testing to advance a language of minimalist structural expressionism. Chuck Hoberman s Expanding Sphere is a finely-tuned folding polyhedron that smoothly expands and contracts, opening the way to later explorations in responsive and adaptive architecture.

This volume includes conversations with the architects and key collaborators in each of the featured projects architects, engineers, software programmers and university researchers whose interests in these nascent technologies were evident in their own practices. Each project is then presented through a selection of archival material, conveying factual and concrete information on their development through this material history.

Design by Katja Gretzinger. Microwave-assisted 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid production using ruthenium on activated carbon.

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Catalytic upgrading of furfuryl alcohol to alkyl levulinates under batch microwave irradiation. Niobium oxide prepared through a novel supercritical CO2-assisted method as versatile heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of 5-HMF and azoxybenzene. Boosting the ruthenium catalyzed bio-ethanol homologation with a redox active co-catalyst. Sn-Al-containing Beta and USY zeolites for the one pot transformation of glucose into methyl lactate. Synthesis and enzymatic polycondensation of new diol —diamide monomers from microalgaes.

Clean biocatalytic processes using sponge-like ionic liquids and supercritical carbon dioxide. Biorefinery Schemes towards Platform Chemicals: heterogeneous organocatalysis and hyperpolar solvent media.

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Regioselective synthesis, isomerisation, in vitro oestrogenic activity, and co-polymerisation of bisguaiacol F BGF isomers. Continuous esterification in organic solvents as a step in the valorization of CO2. Kinetic analysis of reduction of 4-Nitrophenol by water soluble Palladium Nanoparticles Studied by a Langmuir-Hinshelwood mechanism. Does we compare apples and oranges? Catalytic conversion of glycerol into solketal with Ga-silicate nanoparticles prepared by aerosol process.

Biobased phase transition plasticizers for long term applications in polylactic acid. Combination of metal- and bio-catalyzed organic reactions in Deep Eutectic Solvents and water. Materials for Energy by Computational Design: exploring organic electrodes toward next-generation batteries. Deep eutectic solvents DES -based materials for the integration of desulfurization and denitrogenation processes of fuels.

Influence of synthesis method of ZrO2-supported Au-Pt catalysts in aerobic base-free oxidation of glucose towards glucaric acid. Extraction and in situ saccharification and fermentation of xylans for the production of xylitol in deep eutectic solvents. Recent advances in production of succinic acid from glucose using Nb-based zeolites nanocomposites. Eco-friendly synthesis of metallic nanoparticles and catalytic properties in aqueous media. Metal binding and catalysis: exploring the role of methionine in artificial metalloenzymes.

Covalent Organic Frameworks - Highly versatile and metal-free adsorbents and catalysts. Cobalt II catalysts applied to the hydrosilylation of esters for the sustainable synthesis of aldehydes and alcohols. Selective leaching of lead and zinc over iron from jarosite using methanesulfonic acid.

Recovery of valuable metals from NdFeB magnets by mechanochemically assisted ferric sulfate leaching. Rapid desorption of CO2 from deep eutectic solvents at lower temperature: An alternative technology with industrial potential.


Book Two: On the Earth in: An Eleventh-Century Egyptian Guide to the Universe

Extraction of high value lipophilic compounds from biomass by-products using natural deep eutectic solvents. Ethanol-to-butadiene: physicochemical properties of highly active Zn-Ta catalysts. Eco-design technology to develop a natural interpenetrating biopolymer network IBPN with outstanding properties. Hydrogenation of aqueous sugar solutions from renewable resources: Selection of a suitable reactor concept. Beyond tin-containing zeolites — New opportunities in catalytic carbohydrate conversion by Tin-Organic Frameworks.


Sugar derived platform molecules for the development of biosourced solvents and polymer. Bimetallic catalysts for the conversion of sorbitol into hydrocarbons by aqueous phase hydrodeoxygenation. Ionic liquids solutions for the recovery of valuable metals from acid mine drainage waters. Efficiency of sulfonated reduced graphene oxide in the glycerol etherification with tert-butyl alcohol. ATRP catalyst removal and ligand recycling using carbon dioxide switchable materials. Avant-garde process intensification in the production of epoxidized fatty acids and fatty acid esters. Deep eutectic solvents comprising active pharmaceutical ingredients- antibiotic-based liquid formulations for drug delivery.

What can enzyme and supercritical CO2 bring to the synthesis of biodegradable star polymers? Chemical valorization of viticultural waste in Savoie Mont Blanc France : high-value compounds extraction as an alternative to open-air burning practice. Integrated process for the extraction and preservation of laccase from Trametes versicolor growth media using aqueous biphasic systems. How to simplify the assessment of life cycle impacts for new organic reactions? Development of a tool and application to a catalytic reaction.

Synthesis of glycidyl methacrylate crosslinkable macomonomer promoted by green catalysis. Green and highly regioselective synthesis of substituted pyridines via lithium intermediates.

1. Introduction

Performance improvement of solar dye-sensitized solar cell by ionic liquid electrolyte. Peptide selectively precipitates metallic gold from a homogenous aqueous solution containing platinum ions as contaminants. Highly microporous biomass-derived carbon supports for the direct conversion of cellulose to sorbitol.

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Potato by-products as a source of natural chlorogenic acids and phenolic compounds: extraction, characterization and antioxidant capacity. MoS2 decorated lignin-derived hierarchical mesoporous carbon hybrid nanospheres with exceptional Li-ion battery cycle stability.

Hole in The Wall - Very Funny Episode - Hole in The Wall 100% funny - Japanese Game Show Part - 1

Bacterial nanocellulose membranes loaded with phenolic-based ionic liquids for cutaneous application. Exploration of the effect of different additives on the absorption of carbon dioxide from amino functional ionic liquids. Evaluation of potentiality, quantification, and longevity of ten kinds of sunscreens.

Supercritical CO2 extraction of Carotenoids from microalgae and characterize using High performance liquid chromatography. A simple and green procedure for the synthesis of stilbenoids by one-pot reaction. Tailoring the properties and bioavailability of the anti-tuberculosis drug isoniazid through green approaches.

Physicochemical and microbial characterization of olive mill wastewater OMWW from three different regions in Algeria. Valuation of bagasse waste from the production of sugar and biodiesel through its use in the paper manufacturing. Measurements of activity coefficients at infinite dilution of organic solutes in the ionic liquid 1-ethylmethylimidazolium ethylphosphonate [EMIM][ EtO H PO2] using gas-liquid chromatography. Head space solide phase micro-extraction GC-MS of volatiles of honeys from different regions, bio-indicators of air and soils pollution.

Head space solide phase micro-extraction GC-MS of volatiles of honeys from different regions, bio-indicators of air and soil pollution. Selective deactivation of metal catalysts for amination of alcohols to primary amines. Ultrasound assisted extraction of total phenolic compounds from date fruit Phoenix Dactylifera.

Integrated two stage processing of biomass conversion to HMF esters using ionic liquid as green solvent and catalyst: Synthesis of mono esters. Recovery of phenolic compounds from pear peels using aqueous solutions of ionic liquids. Removal of anti-cancer drugs from human urine using supported ionic liquids: an alternative approach to avoid their entrance into the environment.

Pretreatments, fractionation and upgrading of lignocellulosic biomass to the platform and added value chemicals.

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Bio-based ionic liquids as extraction-preservation strategies in RNA bioprocessing. Deep eutectic solvents as medium for recycling organometallic complexes in a hydroformylation reaction. Ethylene glycol production from glucose in batch mode: study of experimental parameters. Chelating magnetic mesoporous silica materials for metallic micropollutants removal.

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  8. Biocatalytic synthesis of solketyl laurate by using ionic liquids and supercritical carbon dioxide technoloiies. Elimination of coke in an aged hydrotreating catalyst via non-thermal plasma process. Aqueous solutions of glycerol derived alkyl ethers: the study of hydrotropes in the solubilization of hydrophobic compounds. Recovery of bioactive polyphenols from Aloe vera Aloe barbadensis Mill. Valorization of local natural clay for the removal of heavy metals from wastewater: case of Cu II ion.

    Synthesis, characterization and application of Polyoxometalate-based Ionic Liquids. Influence of solvent, functional groups and operating conditions on the reaction rates of typical lignin bond cleavage during the organosolv process. Remediation of soils contaminated with neonicotinoids insecticides by intermittent ozonation. Synergistic effect of Zn promoted copper and nickel on H-ZSM-5 for selective hydrogenation of levulinic acid to 1,4-pentanediol. Enantioselective precipitation of racemic mandelic acid using chiral ionic liquids. Community Integrated Joint soil recovery: interdependence of soil and agricultural practice in a three — year phytoremediation in situ study.

    Comparison of different photocatalytic treatments to detoxify pesticide-polluted water.