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Streaming and Download help. Smoke in your black sweater is where my face buried all the memories of you went by Nora Nygard. Calvin Scherer. Zachary Schultz.

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Cameron Seibold. Karen Agena. Henry Bolingbroke. Tom Jacobsen. Shane Reetz. She was an all-out soccer athlete who could go toe to toe with guys on the field.

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One being her crush and boyfriend Ryan Quinn. There was only one set back. He was in the class ahead of her and good friends with her brother, Ben. He was also a serious soccer player. He had dreams of playing pro ball. They got together as a couple and created many of their dreams for their future. Only Steffi had in her dreams to travel to Barcelona. Yet, when Steffi got to college, she started to become spooked when talking with Ryan and her pending trip to Barcelona. For which he talks her out of it. Her mom died of breast cancer. She remembers her mom telling her aunt that she wished she had more or at all, really.

So, she knew to explain that to Ryan that he would have fears of losing her, and she feared he would talk her out of traveling. So, she needed to avoid him. She ghosted him. Years later she finds out he marries and has a daughter. She is heartbroken but she had chosen her path so what could she do? On day one she runs into not only him but his daughter. They have now moved in with his parents and he is going through a divorce.

At first sight, he is mean and out of line. Each meeting thereafter becomes easier. Yet, they are both left with a gaping ache in their hearts. What she finds interesting is his daughter, she is such a spitfire. So, independent yet hurting so bad you can just see it. Each character is full bodied and full of endless emotion and passion.

Yet, the one I just love is Emmy. She is just the funniest and saddest all at the same time. She is such a drama queen who so wants to get her hand's dirty helping, Steffi. You will totally enjoy this story. It does deal with a second chance, PTSD, aftermath of an assault, and how we all deal with relationships with those we love. I give this: 5 stars. Provided by netgalley. The first book in the Sanctuary Sound series has stolen my heart! When Stefanie Lockwood returns to her hometown to start over after a life-shattering attack, she finds her path crossing with her ex-boyfriend who is openly still holding a grudge from when she broke up with him unexpectedly years earlier.

Can she focus on her new business and new life, or will she find herself distracted by her bitter first love? He is trying to recover from a broken marriage and raise his nine year old daughter. He has to protect his heart from the one who got away, but that seems to be easier said than done when he continually runs into her at every turn.

As Steffi and Ryan work to put their broken lives back together, the pull of the past draws them to each other.

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Battling their old feelings and coping with new life challenges, will Steffi and Ryan find their way back to each other or discover its best to leave the past in the past? I am so pleased that this was just the beginning for Steffi and Ryan.

This story had so much angst, drama, romance and raw emotion. It drew me in and I became a part of the Sanctuary Sound family. A beautifully written second chance romance that you will not want to put down. I am so excited for book two! Nov 04, A Klue rated it it was ok Shelves: second-chance-romance , doormat-heroine , arc-ebook-review , overly-drawn-out , still-holds-a-grudge , getting-a-divorce-hero , had-child-with-ow , needs-to-get-over-it-hero , past-rape-scenario , vivid-rape-flashbacks.

The angst between these two became exhausting. What does Steffi do? She gives him half smiles and holds out for crumbs of renewed friendship, all while pining after him. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Dec 02, Linh rated it really liked it. This book features a sexual assault survivor, which was interesting, but it could have been handled better. Nov 26, Julia rated it it was ok Shelves: genre-romance , personal-kindle-unlimited , not-reshelved. That means she read like she was closed off, stubborn, and in denial for the majority of the book.

I had trouble connecting with the story and the characters. The writing did not draw me in, and much of the conversations felt stiff and all over the place. This was a miss for me. Nov 09, Rose Blue rated it really liked it. Though she truly loved him, he could always convince Steffi to see things his way.

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  7. Knowing how weak she was, Steffi chose to abruptly end all contact, and leave Ryan behind. After weeks of unanswered calls and messages, heartbroken Ryan has a rebound affair, which leads to an unplanned pregnancy and marriage. Fast forward about ten years, and Steffi has now returned to her home town, having opened a remodeling business with her friend. Ryan is less than happy to come home to find Steffi happily ensconced in his family home, working on a fairly long term project.

    The feelings that Ryan has tried to keep buried come back full force — the anger, the betrayal, and the confusion. Steffi actually wants to be more than friends.

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    If friendship is all they can have, she will accept it. As the days pass, Ryan and Steffi talk, and she tries to explain why she acted the way she did. His ex-wife left their daughter totally in his custody, and he begins to envision how things might be if he, Steffi, and Emmy created a new family. Ryan and Steffi attempt going on a date, and are regaining some of their old magic.

    The situation abruptly changes when their kisses become heated, and Steffi totally loses it. It seems that Steffi was mugged several months ago, and suffered a bad concussion. She is still having episodes where she appears to zone out, and either becomes zombie-like or combative. Ryan is truly a dream hero. His fairly quick forgiveness of the huge wrong Steffi did to him is nothing short of amazing. Then his care and patience with her as the details of her assault come to light made me fall in love with him.


    When Ryan and Steffi are finally able to physically connect once again, I was very sad to be told that it happened, rather than seeing it. All of us have made mistakes due to youth and inexperience, and Steffi is no exception. Second chances at love are rare, and so sweet when things work out.