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In a more restricted sense it is fire considered in the absence of every substance. The Arabic arabic font designates that which moves with agility, vehemence. This idea ensues necessarily from that attached to the mobility of fire va. Power, majesty, splendour.

See ya. The potential sign united to that of sympathy and of reciprocity, constitutes a root which develops the relations of things to themselves, their mutual tie, their sameness or selfsameness relative to the universal soul, their very substance. This root differs from the root! The Arabic arabic font or arabic font indicates as noun, an irresistible argument, supernatural sign, proof; as verb, it is the action of convincing by supernatural signs or irresistible arguments.

This character, as consonant, belongs to the labial sound. As symbolic image it represents the mouth of man, his dwelling, his interior. As grammatical sign, it is the paternal and virile sign, that of interior and active action. Its arithmetical number is 2. The sign of interior action united to that of power, image of continuity, forms a root, whence is drawn all ideas of progression, gradual going, coming; of passage from one place to another; of locomotion.

The Arabic arabic font indicates in the ancient idiom, a movement of return.

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That which is put in evidence, is manifested, etc. That which becomes stagnant, which is corrupt.

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Every idea of interior void, of exterior swelling. In Chaldaic, an opening, a door. The Arabic arabic font has the same sense. The Arabic arabic font expresses in general an inflation, an evacuation; it is in a restricted sense in arabic font , the action of permitting, letting go.

As onomatopoetic root arabic font characterizes the indistinct cry of a raucous voice. From the idea of separation comes that of opening; thence that of opening the mouth which is attached to this root in several idioms, and in consequence, that of chattering. The Arabic arabic font signifies literally middle, between.

As verb, this root characterizes the action of dispersing. Onomatopoetic root which depicts the noise made by a thing being opened, and which, representing it yawning, offers to the imagination the idea of a chasm, an abyss, etc. The Arabic arabic font , as onomatopoetic root characterizes astonishment, surprise.

The Arabic word arabic font which is formed from it, designates that which is astonishing, surprising; that which causes admiration. Marble; because of its weight. A rapid movement which exalts, which transports, which carries one beyond self: frightful terror. Everything which is raised, extended, in any sense; as a noise, a tumult; a corps, a troop: it is literally a quadruped.

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Every guiding object; literally the finger. The Arabic arabic font signifies literally, the action of growing, sprouting, putting forth shoots.

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In its greatest intensity, this root signifies to deprive others of their rights, of their property; to appropriate them: thence every idea of plunder. The word arabic font signifies a bird of prey, a vulture. This root is used in Hebrew only in composition.

The Ethiopic ethiopic font baha signifies every kind of acid, of ferment. The Arabic arabic font signifies in the modern idiom, to blow water between the lips. Fruit which begins to mature, which is still sour; an early fruit; metaphorically, a thing which annoys, which fatigues. The test of a fruit to judge if it is ripe; metaphorically, any kind of experiment. An examination, a proof; in consequence, that which is examined, proved, elected. The Arabic arabic font indicates that which cuts off physically as well as morally. The onomatopoeia arabic font , characterizes that which falls and is broken.

A flash of wit; a spark. That which throws out brightness, sparks. An emerald, marble, etc. This applies chiefly to the desire that one has to see a thing appear, an event occur, and that one expresses by would to God! Every fluid accruing from contraction, from contrition: an overflowing, a torrent, tears, etc. In a figurative sense, spirituality, the human soul, the universal soul, the All, GOD. The Arabic arabic font characterizes in a restricted sense, that which humectates, moistens, lenifies, dampens, and makes fertile the earth, etc. From excess of extension springs the idea of lack, want, neglect, weakness, nothingness: it is everything which is null, vain, illusory: NOTHING.

The Arabic arabic font is restricted to the same sense as the Hebrew, and is represented by the adverbial relation without. An interior emotion, trouble, confusion, extraordinary perturbation. The union of the signs of interior and exterior activity, of active and passive principles, constitutes a root little used and very difficult to conceive.

Hieroglyphically, it is the universality of things: figuratively or literally, it is every elevated place, every sublime, sacred, revered thing; a temple, an altar, etc.


The Arabic arabic font signifies in a restricted sense the fundamental sound of the musical system called in Greek greek font. The Arabic arabic font has exactly the same acceptations as the Hebrew. That which is interior. The Arabic arabic font indicates that which suffices, and is represented by the adverbial relation enough. The Arabic arabic font signifies the action of pounding and of mixing; arabic font contains every idea of force, violence, compulsion. Every idea of precipitate, harsh, inordinate movement. The Arabic arabic font is an onomatopoetic root which expresses bleating, bellowing of animals.

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  7. The Arabic arabic font signifies in a restricted sense, to sell and to buy, to make a negotiation; arabic font to interfere for another, and to prompt him in what he should say. Action of kicking. Every idea of domination, power, pride: a lord, master, absolute superior; the Supreme Being. Every idea of devastation by fire, annihilation, conflagration, combustion, consuming heat: that which destroys, ravages; that which makes desert and arid, speaking of the earth; brutish and stupid, speaking of men.

    Action of frightening, striking with terror, seizing suddenly. Onomatopoeic and idiomatic root which represents the noise that one makes walking in the mud: literally, it is a miry place, a slough.

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    In a general sense, it characterizes every kind of luminous ray being carried from the centre to the circumference. In a restricted sense it expresses the action of gleaming, shining; of glaring at. As noun, it denotes embers. It is the name given to flax on account of its preparation in water.

    Indo-European Etymological Dictionary - Indogermanisches Etymologisches Woerterbuch (JPokorny)

    Every idea of evacuation, of draining. The Arabic arabic font signifies eternal; arabic font to eternize. The Arabic arabic font signifies in a restricted sense, a continent; and in a more extended sense, that which is upright. Every extracting, separating, elaborating, purifying movement: that which prepares or is prepared; that which purges, purifies, or which is itself purged, purified. Every kind of metal. The Arabic arabic font raised to the potentiality of verb, develops the action of justifying, of purifying. Every idea of manifestation, explanation: that which brings to light, that which explores, that which produces exteriorly. In a very restricted sense, a fountain, a well. Every idea of lucidity, clarity.