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Unlike natural or manmade catastrophes, Christ and his angels will selectively destroy those humans deemed incorrigible.

Planet Earth will be rid of greed, corruption, and all individuals and institutions who impenitently ruin the earth and impose misery on others. Rev ; 1 John ; Matthew — By the sound of it, we might think the prophet had seen the American plutocracy and its legions of hanger-ons in action.

Armageddon Entrepreneurs: Who's Profiting From Fear?

Alas, if Christ could perform this miracle, to rid the world of this malignant plague, we, too, would instantly become devout believers. Time for humanity to wake up.

Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy? This should not Read More. The U. In addition to weaknesses in building controls, McAfee also documented security issues it found in open-source software installed in a popular line of Voice over Internet Protocol phones used by corporations around the world. The problem, at least for the U.


Packaging 'Armageddon': For the Studio, It's More Like a Tale of Gross Expectations

That battlefield is increasingly an economic one. The notion of war takes on new meaning when missiles and tanks are taken out of the equation and replaced by malware and data theft. Much of the U.

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Yet the balance of power could shift if suddenly real economic damage could be inflicted through disruption of the financial system, or an attack on a power grid for a major U. An example of this can be found in nation-state hacking directed in recent years by Iran. Between and , Iranian hackers successfully led a series of distributed denial of service attacks against 46 major companies and financial institutions in the U.

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After the U. How much longer can nation states, given the likelihood that they have already infiltrated critical public and private networks, restrain themselves?

Countdown to Armageddon: The Reverend Jim Jones and Indiana

For some security experts and analysts, the challenge lies in convincing the U. Keeping the quality high requires the support of sponsors who are aligned with our vision of ad-free journalism content. Chinese prof faces charges of stealing for Huawei as Microsoft comes to its defense.